The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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With gratitude, I would like to draw you into a situation that has occurred throughout history. All individuals who work at a center involved with domestic violence should hear my concern about how late elementary to late high school students lack the knowledge about domestic violence.

Many individuals are not aware about who is being domestically violated in their communities. We should have a program that shows ways to cope, tell, and prevent domestic violence. This would educate students about what is considered as domestic violence.

The students deserve to be herd; this program will give them the opportunity to tell their stories about being a victim of domestic violence. It will encourage scared and innocent children to confess their abuse.

All information given in this program will be confidential to others. If any information is leaked to students outside of program then they will be asked to leave and not come back. This will be a safe environment for all abused and non-abused children.

My desire is to help young individuals learn more about domestic violence. Also, I want to give a victim a voice because they will be heard. I propose that you consider helping young scared and terrified individuals a chance to learn and be heard by giving a grant to help make this possible. I have done a study, which will add evidence to my proposal.

This program will help young adult become confident with confessing that they have been associated with abuse: seen, herd, or has

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