The Effects Of Drought And Its Effects On The Environment

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Since we moved into the 21st century, the condition of global environment is one of the most popular topics, and it created many controversies. Those topics are wide ranged, from the natural disasters like earthquake, tornado or volcano eruption; to the man-made disasters like nuclear war or air / water / sound pollutions. As a student, I too am interested and have some concerns for the planet that we are living in. Among the disasters, drought is the one that I want to learn more about it. So what is drought? Drought is described as “a period of time when the water supply is decreasing, and the length of the drought might occur in months or even years” (basicplant). It occurs in virtually all climatic zones and its characteristics may be different in certain regions. According to The Ojos Negros Research Group, the characteristics of the drought are “scarcity of water, low precipitation, and mostly occurred in dry season”. Other climatic factors like “high wind/temperature and low relative humidity” (The Ojos Negros Research Group) are usually related with the drought. Drought can be put into four categories based on the regions, needs, and disciplinary approaches. The first type of drought is called Meteorological drought; it is defined on the “basis degree of dryness [compare to a normal/average amount], and the duration of the dry period” (National Drought Mitigation Center). Agricultural drought is the second type and it is similar to the Meteorological drought, but
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