The Effects Of Hunting On The World Of Hunting

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The hunting society has changed drastically throughout the years due to developmental studies with technology a huge game changer in the world of hunting, and with the impact of over population of deer in the U.S has made a big impact on our crops and forests, and how hunting can be good for your health with it providing exercise and healthy eating. I will now begin to skim the surface of these subjects.
Hunting is a very controversial subject that has only become more sensitive now days. Some say that hunting is murder, destroying the environment due to the possibility of exceeding proper limitations. Most hunters are out there to bag a trophy buck known for their big body size and large racks, which is not a bad idea due to the facts that removing an alfa male from the area will normally cause the female deer to move to look for another alfa male causing them to leave the area, in which could help or destroy that areas. (MILNER) A study by R. Swilhart in 1997, shows there were over 20 million deer in the U.S alone and still growing estimating 100 deer/square mile. (Swilhart) These ever growing numbers are destroying our crops and forests. Forest service’s researcher Stephen Horsley made this assessment,
The current density is producing devastating and long-term effects on forests. For aging deer “vacuum up” the seedlings of highly preferred species, reducing plant diversity and in the extreme, creating near mono-cultures. It could take decades or even hundreds of years to

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