The Effects Of Inhumanity In The Nightingale Essay

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During the course World War II, Germany invaded and took control of France in a matter of weeks. The Nazis with their advance weapons, and strategies such as Blitzkrieg, seemed invincible for much of the war. The Nightingale, written by Kristin Hannah, focuses on the many aspects of life during Nazi reign in France. Hannah shows throughout the novel what it was like for the French citizens when almost everything they had, tangibly and mentally, was taken away because of war. While war can be seen as a way to gain land, wealth, and power, it ends up not benefiting either side. The inhumanity found in humans that is shown in war, changes both the aggressors and the victims’ lives in a negative way. Humans often lose sight of what is most important…show more content…
‘I am a soldier now, it seems.’” (pg 11) This inhuman war forced ordinary people to have to fight in these deadly battles against their will. It also didn’t cause just soldiers on the front to suffer, but also the families of the soldiers, as now they didn’t have a source of income, or their loved…show more content…
It is in human nature to want to have power, wealth, and overall be the best. Nevertheless, this inhumanity exhibited throughout the wars is generally triggered by a group or person who believes that they are above the human race, and should be allowed to have total power. This mindset during WWII lead to destruction and devastation throughout Europe. Described in The Nightingale, when France was occupied by the Nazis the citizens of France lost many things such as family members, property, money, and wellness. However, many of the Nazi soldiers stationed in France also lost a lot. Essentially, even though French and Germans were enemies during WWII, and only one country ended up winning, they both received negative outcomes from the

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