The Effects Of Nutrition On Children 's Self Image And Lifestyle

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In todays society, media increases the public knowledge of young adults or adolescents about things such as healthy diets, looking fit, having that summer body or the abs you desire. It has been identified that could this publication of self-concept the way someone “evaluates or perceives themselves” (Mcleod, 2008) somewhat effecting the nutrition of Australian adolescents and could this have devastating effects on our society? The Dietitians Association Of Australia states “good nutrition is critical during the teenage years to ensure healthy growth and development” (2016) however it could be seen that this most likely is not followed by all Australian teenagers which is a big problem for their health and well being. This is evident by statistics given by Eating Disorders Victoria that “Eating disorders are increasing in both younger and older age group” (2011). Therefore this likely shows that nutrition is a major role in adolescent’s self image and lifestyle. This essay will further break down the concepts of how nutrition plays such a vital role in Australian adolscent self image and lifestyle and justify why there potentially needs to be a change in our society

“Nutrition is the study of food at work in our bodies, our source for energy, and the medium for which our nutrients can function.” (Kristina, 2011). It is important that everyone has nutrition however, it is especially important that adolescents have an important balanced nutrition. It is suggested by the…
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