The Effects Of Parenting On The Development Of Self Regulation

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The Effects of Parenting on the Development of

Self-Regulation in Children

Pamela Whitaker
University of Toronto
Introduction to Development (PSY210H1-S)

The Effects of Parenting on the Development of
Self-Regulation in Children
Effective regulation of emotions has been viewed as a developmental achievement that serves as an essential requirement for numerous other developmental tasks. Specifically, because powerful emotions have the potential to disorganize or disrupt multiple psychological processes, modulation of their experience and expression has been considered crucial for basic state regulation, behavioural exploration, cognitive processing, and social competence (Sheppes & Gross,
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Family demographics, parenting style, level of control, and warmth and responsiveness demonstrated by parents proves to have a lasting effect on the child’s self-regulation as they develop. Positive aspects of the previously mentioned variables are positively correlated with successful self-regulation skills in children. Self-regulation creates a foundation for school readiness, successful peer relationships, and the growth of self-understandings, which includes one’s self-concept, self-esteem, and moral development.

Family Demographics and Parenting Style A child’s development occurs foremost through the reciprocal interactions with the family unit. Parents usually establish the foundation for good self-regulation by providing an environment that is warm, nurturing, and encourages trust. Piotrowski, Lapierre, and Linebarger (2012) focus their research on understanding the correlates of self-regulatory abilities among children. The study was aimed at evaluating various demographic and parenting variables in order to isolate the correlates of self-regulation. Demographic variables of interest in relation to child self-regulation in the study included factors such as child age, family income, and parenting style. Demographic variables are important to consider because children,
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