The Effects Of Physical Development On Child Development

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During childrenâ€TMs development from birth to 19 years old they will be following the sequence of development which will be in the same ways for each child as they have to learn one skill before they can learn the next one but each child will progress at a different rate of development.
Each children with develop with in four areas which are Physical development, language development, social and emotional development and then intellectual development.
Physical development
The physical development is the one that children will develop quicker in than any over development area. This will start with a few weeks of a baby being born as a baby will start to smile and respond to familiar sounds and their surroundings. By the time a baby is 6 …show more content…

Between 2-3 years old Marks on paper will now be forming into scribbles as they begin to use pencils. Balls will be starting to be kicked and thrown. Brick towers will be getting larger than the ones they were building; also they will start to experiment with liquids in play by pouring.
At 3 years Children start to become more independent. Their moving and climbing skills will be coming stronger as they start to run, jump, catch, walk up and down stairs etc. They will start to try and dress and undress themselves but may need some assistance.
At 4 years boys motor skills are more developed in areas such as throwing and aiming, building, climbing, pedalling, etc. Whereas a girls are more develop within the finer motor skills such as the use of scissors, holding a pencil to draw and colour and also when threading small beads or sewing stitches.
At 5 years Children with have more pencil control and will begin to copy letters and shapes and start to draw people. Ball games will develop with more structure as they begin to kick with an aim. They will begin to learn to hop on one foot, then the other also to skip.
At 6 years dressing becomes independent as they learn to do buttons, laces, etc. writing becomes more fluent as copying letter shapes has progressed to words and sentences with greater pencil control. A childâ€TMs confidence would have increased when playing outside in climbing, jumping from heights and riding a bike.

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