The Effects Of Positive Reinforcement Of Expectations And Consequences

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The Effects of Positive Reinforcement of Expectations and Consequences in a Residential Setting The purpose of this action research project is to pursue methods to reduce the number of dorm infractions with a high school girl’s dormitory. The second objective for this action research project is to subconsciously motivate residents to pursue good behavior and actions without having to instruct them to do so. When all parties are operating on an equal level of respect and understanding, there is greater flexibility and therefore a better quality of life for all parties involved. If there is a relationship between the faculty and students that is based on trust and respect, as opposed to opposition and anger from being corrected for their actions, then the smaller dorm community will continue to prosper and be a desirable place to live where students and faculty strive to be the best possible version of themselves and a positive contributor to the greater society. In the past decade, Mercersburg Academy has moved to a student housing system that places most 11th and 12th graders in their own dormitories away from the underclassmen. This system has given them greater privileges and independence and in turn has created some entitlement and liberation. While more is expected of these students, the basic expectations of the school remain the same. They are to maintain a clean living space (both in and out of their dormitory room), they are to be respectful of others (peers,
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