The Effects Of Sexual Violence On Teenage Girls Essay

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The research study that was done by Decker, Raj, and Silverman which focused on the impacts of sexual violence in teenage girls. This research study hits on a major social issue that happens throughout society that has been going for many decades now, it emphases whether or not immigration and acculturation are related factors in sexual violence amongst this age group. Sexual Violence and victimization is a topic that we study on in the school of social work at Ryerson, as we take an anti-oppressive approach to social issues that happen around the world. Violence against women has been a topic explored by several researchers over the years. Unfortunately, they never studied sexual violence against adolescent girls who come from immigrated families. Violence against women can happen in many different forms such as physical, sexual, emotional or psychological (The Line, 2016). As social workers, we need to make sure that the service users have access to all the services that they need “spanning outreach, primary and secondary prevention education, medical advocacy, legal services, and crisis counseling, to meet the needs of immigrant adolescents experiencing sexual assault.” (Decker, Raj, & Silverman, 2007).
This study used a quantitative approach to research as this was just based on numerical data that was collected through small groups or done individually by participants. Quantitative analysis allows us to “to determine how thing affects another in a population.”

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