The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Children

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Schools that start later have noticed that their students have improved in their safety and academic performances. If more schools started to change their opening times to later in the morning it would make it more beneficial for teens to have a healthy and successful everyday lifestyle. Teens these days, need at least 9 hours of sleep each night, but nearly 10 out of every 15 students get under 8 hours of sleep and 6 out of every 15 get under 6 hours of sleep. Students and teachers that get enough sleep wake up feeling confident and ready to start their day off right with good work ethic. Not getting enough sleep will cause several different physical, mental, and emotional health issues for a teen that is forced to wake up early in order …show more content…

Doctors also tell teens that they should not think too hard before they go to bed, but every teacher gives out at least a page of homework for their students to have completed by the next day, this is making it harder for teens to get the sleep that they need to have a successful day. Puberty wires teens to stay up late, meaning forcing them into bed won’t do them any good. The hormonal changes occur during the night and shifts their “body clocks” that regulate their sleeping and waking patterns. The work ethic and attitudes of the sleepy teens and teacher begin to decrease as waking up becomes a harder asset of their everyday lives. Tired teens can’t learn at their best, with sleep deprivation impairing learning, memory, and attention span. (WHY 2) If a student or even a teacher doesn’t get enough sleep, then their work ethic will start to decrease rapidly throughout the day. Schools that start later in the day are starting to notice that the students and staff members are a lot less stressed out, on task, and more alert. Students that get the right amount of sleep will have improved attitudes that would help by increasing their academic performances; students with better attitudes will be more willing to try in school, pay attention, and ask questions if they need help. When a student

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