The Effects Of Technology On The Ethics Of Organizational Communications

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Discuss the effects of technology on the ethics of organizational communications. How have the internet, e-mail, social media, etc., changed the landscape and associated practices and strategies? Technology moves at a pace that can easily outrun ethical standards surrounding its use. Sometimes it is very easy to outrun the ethical side of the communication process. This has led to courtroom battles, quick job terminations and complaints filed with the National Labor
Relations Board.

There are several ethical issues that need attention at a workplace.

Monitoring Employee Communications

Nowadays employees have a full accessibility to Internet and that lets them to check personal email, websites etc. Employers at the same time strive to make their employees focus on work, and tend to monitor their activity. That increases the issue of privacy. An ethical dilemma arises from employers potentially viewing personal employee information and respecting privacy rights. Working from Anywhere

Another issue arises from the fact that nowadays with the availability of laptops and tablets and the only matter of a workplace is to find Wi-Fi. The shifting definition of the workplace also affects the ethics behind the standard eight-hour workday. Employers tend to give employees work requests at any time of the day knowing they have access to it but it is not an ethical thing to do. Changing the workday into a near 24-hour experience also blurs the ethical lines regarding

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