The Effects Of Technology On Younger Children

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Health Effects from the Use of Technology in Younger Children The modern times we live in today are constantly changing in hopes that we as humans thrive successfully. To be more specific, technological advancements are driving our society into new feats that could never be imagined in the past. Thanks to this technology, we have excelled in vital fields such as medicine, education, engineering, and many more aspects that can be considered vital for our benefit, let alone our existence. Modern technology such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions have proven to be helpful and valuable to humans in modern times, although it does present some negative effects to us, as well to our future generation, medically, in …show more content…

This lack of experience with other has proven to lead to various social disorders, such as autism, ADHD, and depression. The general use of modern day technology by children has also increased drastically as well, impacting sensory skill development of children. “It was reported that in 2010 children spend an average of six hours and nineteen minutes using electronic media per day. This included a forty-seven minute increase with music, a thirty-eight minute increase with the television, and a twenty-seven minute increase with computers since the study was previously conducted in 2004” (Hatch). As children rely on technology to assist them in performing their everyday tasks, necessary challenges they require to encounter for successful development decreases, not allowing the child’s optimal sensory and motor development skills to be fully reached. Another medical effect on the use of modern day technology in younger kids is the lack of exercise and outdoor activity that these inventions are causing. Obesity is one of the world’s most alarming problems that is constantly growing on a daily basis. In fact, the world’s childhood obesity rate has tripled in the last twenty years (Hatch). Younger children constantly using twenty-first-century technology are more likely to

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