The Effects Of The War On The People'S Property And Their

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The effects of the war on the people 's property and their children made people to oppose the revolution. Wealthy parents and the right wing politicians saw it as a movement that was out to destroy property and kill their children. Che Guevara describes the morning attack on Moncada garrison as a disaster because many of the rebels were killed on that day and a good number, including their leaders, were detained (Guevara, p.128). In Old Rosa: A Novel in Two Stories, Rosa is dejected that her son, Armando, has joined the war and might not come back. Though she clings on the thin line of hope that he will eventually show up, she understands that it might not be the case. Perhaps he could be shot dead or detained for several years (Arenas,…show more content…
The Cubans who worked on the farms got little from the produce. They felt as if they were working for the foreigner who did not appreciate their efforts. Castro 's movement promised people better returns from their farming efforts; he talked the same language with the masses, and they backed him through the problems and the challenges believing that he was going to do something about it (Guevara, p. 130). He, later on, fulfilled what he had promised during the struggle for liberation. Education played a significant role in convincing the people to support the revolutionary course. Fidel Castro had a vision for the people. He envisioned a country where the economic and social environment would be improved drastically. However, he also knew that the masses needed enlightenment so as to know their rights and help in the nation-building activities. The government started a literacy program in which people volunteered to go and assist in educating fellow country men and women of basic concepts (Chomsky, Barry & Pamela, p.389). Education is the cornerstone of any significant advancement in any country. In nations where there lacks educated masses, the governments have to seek help from experts in from another country, to whom they pay money that would have been invested in other sectors. Castro 's government set up a plan to have the people educated by locals and volunteers
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