The Effects Of Victimisation And The Types Of Victimisation

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“Victimisation is defined in the Act as: Treating someone badly because they have done a ‘protected act’ (or because you believe that a person has done or is going to do a protected act).”(Unknown, 2010) In a workplace victimisation is defined as punishing or threatening to punish someone because they asserted their rights under equal opportunity law, made a complaint about someone or refused to do something because it would be discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation. In this essay I am going to talk about different terms of victimisation and the types of victimisation that there is. I will also talk about the different people that this happens to and why this happens more to certain people. I am also going to talk about some theories of victimisation which will lead into the discussion. There are a few different terms of victimisation, the first term is peer victimisation, this is the experience of children that are targets of aggressive behaviour from other children who aren’t related to them and not age mates. This would include being bullied and being a target of physical, social, emotional or psychological damage from another kid or group of kids. “peer victimisation is a concern because researchers have found that victimised youth are more likely to have elevated levels of depression, loneliness and anxiety), lower self-concept, and poor academic outcomes” (Jenkins, L, & Demaray, M, 2015) because of this a child could develop problems with their behaviour

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