The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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There are many addictions in the world, ranging from hard drugs to extreme exercise. Some are life-threatening, while others only affect appearance or lifestyles. Video games aren’t something most people would see as an addiction, but after witnessing it myself, I have done research to learn more about how video games can rule lives. The causes and effects show just how much lives can be altered. One of the main causes of video game addiction is the constant desire to move up in rank. Every player wants to beat the person above them or reach the next level. This gives the player a sudden feeling of accomplishment. Many people want to feel like they have accomplished something in life, whether it be saving someone from death or picking up…show more content…
Video game addiction in people with ADHD is very high because it stimulates them. Video games stimulate their eyes with colors and quick movement, their ears with the loud sounds, their brain with strategies or goals, and their hands with the controller or keyboard. This causes them to hyperfocus and be nearly unable to stop playing. Their constant desire to stimulate their brain may distract them in everyday life. The player may go out to eat with their family or friends and be thinking about a strategy to beat the next level on their game, or even be playing on their phone. They might get low grades in school because they spend more time gaming than doing homework and they might not be able to focus in class due to thinking about their new favorite game. They might not even care about their grades because their game in an alternate universe seems more important. This can cause a sense of failure and disappointment when teachers or parents get upset about the grades that are being received. Feeling a need to escape can cause a person to cling to an alternate universe. If a person has anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem, video gaming can make them forget about those things for a temporary period of time. In a game, the player can create their character to be whoever they want to be. When they look at the screen and see who they created, they forget about who they really are. If that character has superpowers or even simply looks attractive, the
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