Essay about The Effects of Nazi Rule on Youth in Germany

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The Effects of Nazi Rule on Youth in Germany

Education was an area where policies towards women were applied. The school curriculum was based around the idea that not many of them would go on to university. School staff was told to teach with that thought in mind so that they wouldn't teach them anything unnecessary, only things they would need to know in a German home. Crafts and skills were encouraged the most because it was what was needed in the role of a German woman. They knew that women were needed for some intellectual jobs and so needed to be educated so that they could be nurses and teachers but only certain girls would need to know this and it wasn't relevant to the majority of girls.
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History was a study lesson on how the Jews tried to "undermine the great achievements of the Germans". In the eugenics class this idea was backed up by models which showed that, like in nature, a germ can harm your whole body, so in Germany the Jews could damage the whole country. In schools, all teachers were part of the Nazi Party and textbooks were rewritten to pass on the Nazi message. In mathematics boys learnt how to work the trajectory of missiles and girls were being taught to look after their families and to bring up children. Only boys studied science, foreign languages and mathematics as separate subjects.

The Hitler youth was an organisation led by Balder von Schirach with the aim of training young men in National Socialist values that they could use in their everyday lives. But it wasn't all politics. The Hitler Youth were very strong about the belief of physical fitness and outdoor life. In 1939 membership to the Hitler Youth was made compulsory. Sport was encouraged for both girls and boys because it would help them when the become mothers and soldiers. When the Olympic games were held in Berlin Hitler hoped that Germany would prove they are the Master race. Germany did win more medals than any other country but a black American, Jesse Owens, won the greatest
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