The Effects of Tobacco on the Body

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One thing that person always has control over is their lifestyle. One very important lifestyle change people can make is cutting out the use of tobacco. No matter if a person is smoking cigarettes or doing it orally, the body is still receiving the nicotine. Although oral tobacco may be advertised as a healthier alternative, it is still deadly. If a person is smoking, they are also harming people around them by releasing second hand smoke. Other lifestyle changes a person can make controlling their weight at a healthy weight, being physically active, and eating healthy food. About one third of deaths caused by cancer last year were linked to not being active, poor diet, and being overweight (“Diet and Physical Activity”).
Cancer in adults is very different from that of cancer in children. Childhood cancers are usually not related to their lifestyle or environmental risk factors like adult cancers tend to be (“What are the differences”). The common types of cancers are also very different. In children the most common types of cancers are leukemia, cancers of the brain and central nervous system, and lymphoma. In these types of cancers there are also subcategories, and every child’s case tends to be different because there can be multiple types of one cancer. Treatment for childhood cancer is also very underdeveloped. Children who have survived cancer have very high risk for long-term health problems. They are forced to have careful check-ups for the rest of their lives

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