The Electronic Health Record ( Ehr ) System

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The electronic health record (EHR) System is a database that contains all the details of patient’s medical status and has been designed to facilitate rapid access to such information when necessary (Hayrian, Sarnto & Nykanen, 2008). This database is advantageous for both medical practitioners and patients as it facilitates an improvement in the level of care provided by health workers across all departments, and has become a fundamental resource for the healthcare sector (Scott,2007). Based on the definition declared by the health information management systems society (HIMSS), an EHR is a detailed digital record of the medical statuses of patients based on at least one healthcare visit or treatment program. These records provide vital information on each patient’s personal details, health concerns, progress reports, medicine administrated and prescribed, vital signs, previous medical histories, immunization statuses, lab test reports and radiology results. The database also assist in scheduling in the work of clinical practitioners as the EHR is capable of presenting a comprehensive record of all treatment received by a patient across a diverse range of medical fields and supports the use of evidence based decision making methods, quality management and the effective evaluation of the patient outcome. In a clinical setting, the application of an EHR system will depend on a number of technical, behavioral and management-based factors. It is important to a health

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