The Elementary School At The Age Of Five

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A typical seven-year old child provided they started Kindergarten at the age of five, would probably be in the second grade. The grade-level a lot of times depends on the birthday month of the child and the month cutoff determined by the county, for example in order for a child to be enrolled in Kindergarten in Gaston county, he must be five years old on or before August 31st of that school year ("Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Registration"). The child’s family situations and history will vary from child to child, even classrooms and schools will vary. In the Gaston county school district alone there are approximately 20 elementary schools out of a total of 55. A lot of these schools are located in rural areas like that of Chapel Grove Elementary or in suburban areas such as that of Gardner Park Elementary. Each one is going to be different. Classroom size is going to vary as well. My son’s second grade class consists 19 students where as a school such as Gardner Park may have more. My nephew, who is private school, is in a classroom with only 9 other children. Physical Development Physically a typical seven year-old child weighs approximately 22.9 kg or about 50.5 pounds and is approximately 121.7 cm tall or 48 inches ("Height / Weight Charts: Child Care -", 2015). This may also vary due to family situations or even culture. For example, students have shown that Euro-American and European children tend to be the medium between the taller and longer

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