The End Of The Great War

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It is the Second World War, which had the greater impact on America’s place in the world and elevated the country to have a status of Superpower. However this would not have been the case without the consequences of the First World War and America’s reluctance to drop its policy of isolationism as a result of this. James Cronin comments, “the ending of the Great War was the occasion for perhaps the grandest vision, though it’s implementation would largely fail…World War II offered another chance, and the postwar order that emerged from that conflict was far more successful” ; a postwar order with the United States at its helm.

Firstly, looking at the influence the First World War had on the United States’ standing in the world, it is clear to see that it accelerated America’s rise to becoming a world power. Historian Henfried Munkler concurs with this opinion, stating that “the US’s entry into the war in 1917 marked the beginning of it’s path to becoming a world power” . After initially adopting a policy of neutrality and isolationism, which kept America off of the world stage and ensured that its influence in global matters was minimal, the US abandoned this for the period 1917-1919 and surfaced as a pre-eminent world power. With the nominal economic output of the U.S doubling between 1914 and 1918 and American resources allowing the Allies to prevail, the U.S gained enormous influence in both European and global affairs. The US emerged from WWI as the leading industrial
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