The Energy Bar Industry Essay

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The Energy Bar Industry
1. Conduct a thorough analysis of this category’s customer, competitors, market, and environment from the perspective of PowerBar. What are the key strategic questions? What additional information would you like to obtain? How would you obtain it? What are the threats and opportunities? In particular address the following issues:
a. How is the market segmented? What are the key customer motivations and unmet needs? What are the similarities and differences among the segments? How might a company link customer motivations to value propositions?
The market for PowerBar’s was once segmented to only athletes, is now also segmented towards a much larger segment. This segment now includes on the go and
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Pria is a bar (not for energy) but nutritious for women which was created to compete with Luna. Clif bar realized that there was a market that wasn’t tapped into yet, which was the population which has an interest in vitamins and nutrition. These people weren’t looking for energy but instead a bar that created vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in one. These bars are for the calorie cautious individuals.
As this market emerged so did the market that was interested in a low-calorie life style. What can PowerBar provide to this market?
PowerBar seems as if they are keeping an eye on the competition but seem to be followers in the market instead of leaders. They look at their competitors and imitate what they have. PowerBar is failing to do their market research but instead relied on other companies studies/creations.
PowerBar and other companies are trying to get into the women’s market by the low-calorie option bars. However, they have more competition in this market with the Nutri-grain, Quaker Oats, General Mills, Slim-Fast, etc. c. What are the market trends? The growth submarket? The key success factors?
The market continues to grow health cautious and PowerBar has the opportunity to take advantage of it through a good advertising team. This is the chance to figure out what the customer wants in a good energy bar
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