The English Language: Move To Adopt As Official Language

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The English Language: Move to Adopt as Official Language The simple fact that over 300 languages are spoken at homes in the United States today reflects just how diverse this nation has become. With that in mind, we are in dire need of a common sense language policy. An attempt was made with the passing of House Resolution 123 to declare English as the official language of the government of the United States in 1996, but sadly, died on the floor of the Senate. America has been an overwhelmingly English speaking nation and its constitution and foundational documents are written in English. Of the United Nation’s members, 85 percent have adopted official languages; 53 of those have adopted English as their official language. Immigrants to this country would benefit greatly if they were informed of the requirement to learn English upon their arrival. Instead, the government wastes time and money for …show more content…

The end result creates smart legislative policy and benefits all residents. Not to mention the gross amount of tax dollars spent on creating documents in other various languages. I would expect in executing a move to Panama City, Panama, I would be required to adapt to their culture and language in order to thrive in that environment. The same should be expected in America if you elect to migrate here and blend with society. With the continual flow of immigrants into this country, we must establish this language as our primary means of communication. Otherwise, our government will continue to provide unnecessary services; thereby eliminating the responsibility of each individual to either learn English, or locate a family member to translate documents for them. The federal government should enact this legislation to document the English language as our official government

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