The Epidemic Is Sweeping The Nation

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An epidemic is sweeping the nation. Rapidly more cases of STD’s are being noted to appropriate health officials and are steadily increasing instead of declining. The Centers for Disease Control, commonly known as the CDC, have vigorously tracked HIV numbers and an estimated “1,218,400 persons aged 13 years and older are living with the HIV infection” (“HIV in The United States: At A Glance”). This doesn’t include the amount of people clueless to being infected at all: a whopping 156,300. Discouragingly and surprisingly enough, a factor contributing to this number is that people aren’t being informed when they engage in relations with another person who has the virus. The risk of transmission from one to the other is excruciatingly high if one party isn’t given the opportunity to take the appropriate precautions to protect themselves. Furthermore, when a person is warned that their partner has a transmittable disease, they aren’t really equipped to make an informative decision because of lack of information. Every citizen has an undeniable duty to take action to reduce the spread of STD’s in Arizona so that eventually these harmful diseases can be altogether eradicated for future generations to come.
The first excruciatingly necessary step is for Arizona legislators to create a law that would bring a person up on criminal charges if he/she didn’t disclose their infected status to their partner before engaging in intercourse. So far 24 states have laws that require a person

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