The Epidemic Of Malaria And Malnutrition

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Hannah Bagis
Rise of the Rest (7)
1 May 2015
Malaria and Malnutrition Americans spend more on Halloween than the whole world does on malaria every single year (ONE). It is fascinating how consumerism and commercialism have bombarded the world; billions of dollars are wasted every single day on unnecessary objects while more than 3 billion people worldwide are living off less $2.50 every single day. To make matters worse, about 1.3 billion people live off half of that. Unable to afford the basic necessities, many of those who are privileged tend to neglect, millions of people suffer these treatable and preventable diseases and ways of life. Many people, specifically those living in extremely impoverished countries, suffer from
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With the time, effort, and money people put in, malaria could easily be prevented and the crisis of people suffering from such a disease could be averted. Many people worldwide are susceptible to malnutrition due to food insecurity, instability, and inaccessibility. Malnutrition, or the failure to meet daily nutritional requirements, affects more than one-third of the child population in the world; also nearly 30% of the population of all ages in the developing world, considering malnutrition (commonly under nutrition) severely damaging. Malnutrition is an effect of lack of hygiene, food instability, political inconsistency, weak health care, economic fluctuation, and any other demeaning factors at the communal degree (Kumar). Malnutrition spikes a growth stunt in most children who are affected by it. It causes slowed growth, lack of development, and low immunity. Malnutrition goes hand in hand with poverty all around the world: the fact that families are living off of less than somewhere between one dollar to three means that they are more likely to meet the daily nutritional requirements (calories, vitamins, etc). In sub-Saharan Africa, malnutrition can be passed down by generation, especially if young girls end up being mothers to dangerously underweight babies that—even though they are considered alive—fail to thrive. Malnutrition can often lead to cases of micronutrient deficiency. For example, if a person
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