The Era Of The State Of Wyoming

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Research Paper #2. Born in the state of Wyoming in 1912, to be later deemed as the, “Most powerful painter in contemporary America”, Jackson Paul Pollock, the “action painter”, was born. (1). Though Pollock had a rough childhood including an empty upbringing and numerous changes in residence across the United States, in the end, it all in the influenced his style of art. After moving to New York City in the 1930s, Pollock worked with numerous surrealists, muralists and others who influenced and shaped Pollock’s mature style and an era he opened the audience’s mind to, an era called, Abstract Expressionism.(2). Abstract Expressionism was an era that embraced a variety of individual styles, freedom of techniques, use of large canvases and a “desire to give spontaneous expression to the unconscious,” something Pollock’s works exude. (2) Even though he fell prey to alcoholism at a young age, went through depression and treatment via psychoanalysis, Pollock “broke the ice” of the “norms” of expressing ideas and thoughts through art. (3) He exposed the ideals of expression using freedom of line and composition during the Post-World War II era and Cold War era. Proceeding and during World War II, Surrealism was heavily used. However, the political climate after World War II did not any longer tolerate the art of Surrealism. In fact, it was known as the McCarthy era, a time of artistic censorship in the United States. Abstract expressionism successfully survived in this particular
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