The Establishment Of The European Union ( Eu )

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How significant has been the development of the EU’s policies concerning the protection of the natural environmental and climate change? What problems have confronted policy-makers in-framing and delivering such policies?


The establishment of the European Union (EU) enabled them to handle transnational activities among the member states, including environmental policy. Its significance situates within its powers which can manage any other organisations among the member states by virtue of the laws within the European Union (Baker, 1996, p.215). As a result, it is broadly perceived that there is an increasing impact from the EU on policy making in the member states. This tendency is particularly recognised in environmental policy makings, because national standards in law needed to be questioned and harmonised and policy developments at the European level influences the national aims, content and settings of environmental policy within the member states (Heinelt et al., 2001). The area of environmental policy was not established until the first Environmental Action Programme in 1973 as the major aim for the European Economic Community’s agenda was to build a common institutional framework for mostly economic issues (Jorgensen, 2012). In the next decades, the development of the area of environmental policy making was accelerated by the the Single European Act and by the support from the public who tends to have an increasing concern towards environmental

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