The Ethical Issues Of Medicine Essay

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Truth – telling in medicine is a broad area and often encompasses several ethical issues. These issues include the right of patients or their family to receive information about their diagnosis as well as illness. On the other hand, the physician must balance his or her obligation to tell the truth against the imperative of - do no harm. A doctor - patient relationship relies a lot on trust. When going to a doctor, each patient are giving their doctor the liberty to know more about the individual more than anyone else. Whether the patient has a sexually transmitted disease, cancer or a mild cold they deserve to know the truth if they want to hear it. How severe a disease or sickness is varies from one patient to another. Person A, could consider a mild cough as serious as person B’s cancer. It varies. I like to think that if there is something wrong with me, I would like to know the actual facts in order to deal with it correctly and help my family and friends prepare for the outcome. This is my current stand about knowing the truth but I honestly don’t know if that will be what I want in the next 10 years. I strongly agree with Joseph Collins’ saying, “it is widely held that, if the truth were more generally told, it would make for world - welfare and human betterment.” On the other hand, Collins mentioned that physicians “come to realize that they owe their fellow - men justice, and graciousness, and benignity, and it becomes one of the real satisfactions of life to

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