The Ethics Of A Pharmaceutical Company

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In order to view ethical dilemmas, we have to evaluate descriptive ethics that are present in a situation. These descriptive ethics lay the foundation, to which, we are able to understand a circumstance in its entirety. They are the concrete evidence where we can access all ethical boundaries and establish what is considered morally inhabitable. What causes us to question morality, the principles that help us determine right from wrong and good or bad (Beauchamp 2), is that the livelihood of a person or a group of people are at stake. In the medical field, morality is questioned with every decision that is made. Everyone hopes for the best outcome. With this outcome, individual roles can be questioned. Who made the right decision, was it just and how does it affect the people around me or even them. Martin Shkreli is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company named Turing Pharmaceuticals. His company recently received rights to Daraprim, which is an anti-viral drug used to treat toxoplasmosis in illness directly related to HIV and cancer. The concern is that Martin raised the price of the medication from $17.30 a pill to $750. With no remorse to the patient, who may not be able to afford this treatment, he does not follow his word on lowering the price. He feels that pharmaceutical companies need to make a profit, as well. There are so many ethical concerns with this situation. First, I would like to talk about the moral principles that Martin lacks. Somewhere in his brain he

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