Describe the Core Values and Competencies Which Underpin Therapeutic Delivery of Counselling and Psychotherapy Applications.

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Unit 2
Describe the core values and competencies which underpin therapeutic delivery of counselling and psychotherapy applications.
Using analysis of counselling and psychotherapy contexts and settings, discuss how practitioners can develop skills and maintain standards.
This selection of ways of expressing ethical commitments does not seek to invalidate other approaches. The presentation of different ways of conceiving ethics alongside each other in this statement is intended to draw attention to the limitations of relying too heavily on any single ethical approach. Ethical principles are well suited to examining the justification for particular decisions and actions. However, reliance on principles alone may detract from the …show more content…

It is confirmation that a counsellor validates the client, by acknowledging what is being said, and by providing further opportunity to talk. A client may find that they are unable to express themselves freely, due to fear, lack of confidence or other overwhelming feelings.
Some clients realise that all they needed was one session, with

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