The European Union And The End Of The Second World War

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The European Union has many unique feature. It is the unification of European countries in a way that establishes a bond in such a unique way that it is the only one of its kind. The European Union was formed in the 1950s at the end of the Second World War. This was to help prevent another disastrous war from occurring because if the nations of Europe were all allies, then they would have no reason to go to war with each other. The European Union was created because it was a way try to insure world peace and both economic and political tranquility in Europe. This is understandable, after battling two world wars on European soil in less than 30 years, it was logical that a Type of unification would take place to try to dissolve the idea of…show more content…
Whether or not the European Union has a constitution relies solely on the way that a constitution is defines, and it could be interpreted any number of ways.

A constitution is perceived to be an uncodified set of recognized principles that shape the way a state behaves towards a number of issues. It is important to recognize that constitutions look different throughout the world and serve for different groups of individuals but the majority of them serve the same purpose; establishing and outline or blueprint for the rule of law for the people and protecting their rights. Different types of constitutions include those that are proper, that explicitly restrict what you can do, normal ones that explain the workings of the political country and façade constitutions that are just for show and have no type of weight or standing such as the North Korean constitution; as well as constitutions that are legally entrenched and those who are not. There are also countries that do not have a physical constitution but believe to have an unwritten one such as the United Kingdom because the united kingdom have a set of rules and regulations and court decisions in which they rule by but they do not have a written constitution outlining laws and regulations.

The treaty of Lisbon was a major
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