The European Union As A Political Union

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The European Union has continued to strangle its members with legislative acts that force its members to consider alternative options. Is independent power more powerful? Before we decide on whether or not it would be beneficial for the United Kingdom to leave, we must understand what the European Union is and what it does for the British. “The European Union is a political union of 28 European countries. Confusingly, the name of the geographical region, Europe is often used to refer to the EU even though 22 European countries are not part of the EU” (“What the Brexit Could…” 2016). “The EU 's predecessor, the European Economic Community, which the UK joined in 1973, started life as a group of 6 nations. The purpose of the EEC was to…show more content…
In order to establish common rules the European Union created public bodies which do not answer to any national authority. They created two institutions that make up that national authority, The European Commission and the European Parliament. They formulate and approve all European Union legislation, receiving little help from other member states. As the European Union 's scope has broadened the amount of legislation has increased. Today, more than half of the United Kingdom’s legislations and acts come from Brussels’ legislation. In 1999, the European Union introduced the Euro for a large proportion of its members. In 2009 a European constitution was introduced, which gave more powers to the European Parliament. The 'Lisbon Treaty ' was also created, allowing the European Union to supersede Foreign Policy and Home Affairs, extending the European Union’s scope well beyond economic integration. Since Britain joined the European Union over 40 years ago, it has undergone a huge amount of change. Throughout the United Kingdom it has become obviously aware the European Union is not working well for Britain and they are not holding back. Their conservative party responded by demanding a referendum, making it one of its key pledges during their 2015 political campaign. Leaving the European Union would give them more control over their own laws and regulations, allowing the United Kingdom the ability to create a global influence regarding trade, and
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