The Everyday Effects Of Neoliberalism And Neo Conservatism

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The Everyday Effects of Neoliberalism and Neo-conservatism Neoliberalism and neo-conservatism ideals are typically rooted within privileged upper class individuals who benefit from the power given to large-scale corporations. While this ideology seemingly supports the freedom of the individual, it realistically maintains the unjustified privilege given to marginalized populations. These populations, primarily comprised of white, male, settled Canadians are benefitted from neoliberalism both financially and politically. Since the recession, salaries of elites have been on a constant incline. When comparing salaries of CEO’s between 2008 and 2013, there has been an approximate 30 percent increase in annual compensation. Specifically,…show more content…
While elites take up a large percentage of Canadian’s annual household income, their businesses also provide the country with employment and market investment. This forces the government to value the presence of these stakeholders, and support systems such as the CCPC. While previous political party platforms have attempted to raise taxes, elites have been quick to threaten to uproot business within the country (Osberg, 2015). This entraps the government to continue to support these schemes, or leaving the lower class jobless. To simply explain how the complex motions in which corporations maintain power through the influence of the media on politics, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s (CBC) involvement on the media coverage of Bill C-60. CBC is a multi-million dollar company headed by president and CEO Hubert Lacroix, who earns approximately $430,500-$580,000 a year in compensation (Press, 2014). In 2013, when bill C-60 was announced, an advertisement was rejected to air on CBC radio. This advertisement contained footage of a journalist critiquing the possible outcomes on this bill in an interview with a Stephen Harper look-alike. While the CBC has claimed that they rejected this ad to maintain neutrality, it is a direct example of how public opinion may be swayed due to how media is exposed to Canadians (Wingrove, 2013). If this ad aired, perhaps Canadians would become even more
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