The Evil Of Evil And Commit Sin

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People might wonder why the ‘almighty’ Christian God unable to prevent humans from temptations. Free will is a gift to humans; God does not force people to do anything because He wants them to love Him ‘whole-heartedly’ (Matthew 22:37). This paper will explain why Lewis is right based on the possibilities to do evil and commit sin, and yet also be forgiven. This can be surprising to many other people such as non-believers.
Sin is defined as an offense against God. The sin that Satan has taught human race is to be like God; to be their own masters and achieve their own happiness (Lewis 53). Humans try to find ways to achieve their own happiness through themselves which usually result in despair and hopelessness. God gives human free will to choose happiness with him or struggle without him (Lewis 54). Often times humans wants all the materials of the world in order to make them happy, but even with all the materials it is impossible to fill their heart with ultimate happiness which is found in God. “Everyone has sinned. No one measures up to God’s glory” (Romans 3:23). Christians believe everyone is a sinner and can only be saved by God’s grace.
Temptations often lead humans to commit sin against God. In the story "The First Sin and Its Punishment" from Genesis 3, Satan (the serpent) tempts Eve to eat the fruits of the trees in the garden and caused by her pride, she ends up eating and sharing it with Adam. After eating the fruits, they have knowledge of shame since they

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