The Evoluation of Media Essay

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A simple tweet or a facebook post is far removed to the media my parents accessed many years ago. I have been long fascinated by the way media has developed around me and the role I play in the evolution of it. Production of digital media not only excites me, but challenges my very being as I am only a minor part in an ever developing media world. The evolution of media stemming from technologies and innovations which are changed, adapted and evolved everyday brings a whole new level of relevance to the core of the course. The many facets of technological media has changed the way we live, the way we communicate and the way we interact as a society. Not only does it allow me to be creative with my digital designing, but it also allows me …show more content…

I hope to broaden my knowledge and understanding of professional film-making with my upcoming trip to the ECU Film Festival in Paris. Other A-levels I study include Geography and Business alongside an Extended Project Qualification in media. Geography has allowed me to enhance my essay-writing skills as well as gathering and analysing research both individually and in a team. Human Geography effectively links with media communications in varying ways; globalisation and development being the most explicit. Business has allowed me to understand the scope of the business industry which can easily be integrated within the media. Analytical skills are one of the most essential aspects I have taken away from Business and it has allowed me to apply theory-based research onto paper with a lot more fluidity. I have been involved in various extra-curricular activities which I believe were a progressive way of enhancing my transferable skills throughout the years. Peer mentoring has been a big part of my school life and it has allowed me to develop into an understanding and a communicative counsellor. Other activities such as open parent evenings, instrumental, designing and debating sessions were also some of the things that have truly transformed me into

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