The Evolution Of Human Beings

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• Human beings (Homo sapiens) are a significant species who have developed over time and have accomplished so much after a long period. This has led us to the beings we are today. These human beings have spread continent to continent over time.
− Human beings have attributes that differ them from other primates
• Ex. Better grip because of thumb, high sexual drive, are able to confide in both plants and animals as their source of energy, facial expressions, etc.
• Homo Erectus – Came about 500,000 - 750,000 years ago (less apelike; spread throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe)
• Homo sapiens sapiens – Of which we are descended from, came to be 120,000 years ago, in Africa.
− Ideas improved in the Paleolithic period
• Rituals were held and cave paintings were drawn to show the importance of death and nature’s beauty (culture was then developed)
• Greatest achievement: Spread of humans from continent to continent on earth
• 7500,000 years ago- first humans left Africa
• Theory: Humans crossed a land bridge 17,000 years ago, connecting Siberia and Alaska, reaching South Africa. Others debate it happened earlier due to carbon dating.
− The Mesolithic period (12,000 – 800 BCE) was when humans began to improve tools and weapons
• Resulted in domesticating animals which were used for food

• Many innovations came to be during the Neolithic Revolution such as agriculture, farming, metalworking, etc. They have soon become vital for the human species.
− Invention of agriculture

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