The Evolution Of Public Service

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The evolution of public service has gone through numerous transitions. Public service started with the spoils system, but over time it was determined that it was not an effective and efficient model for government. The Pendleton Act of 1883 attempted to create a better system through merit based performance, but still lacked in several areas. The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 led to a better system, but its guidelines, still lacked in performance management of personnel. Since that time, government agencies have evolved into more of a performance based and professional development type of personnel system. Through the course of this paper I will discuss performance management and its major components. I will include an analysis of a case study that will provide an illustration of performance management and how it relates to personnel and their professional development. An organization 's ability to provide effective and efficient services rests upon its management team to guide and direct personnel to achieve mission goals and objectives. For managers to accomplish this, effective personnel management should be of the highest importance and should be a major factor in achieving their goals. “Performance Management involves a set of steps beginning with establishing goals and communicating these expectations to employees, developing employees’ skills and abilities, measuring their performance through an appraisal process, rewarding good performance, and
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