The Evolution Of The International Civil Aeronautics Organization

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International Civil Aeronautics Organization Research Paper
Kyle Whigham
Middle Tennessee State University Prior to World War I, with the increasing number of international flights around the world, delegates from 18 European nations gathered in Paris, France at a conference to discuss international air law code. No decision was reached prior to World War I breaking out, and many of the European nations involved in the discussion had their attentions drawn to more pressing issues, foremost being the war that consumed all of Europe. About 10 years after this conference, in 1919, another international convention was held call the Paris Peace Conference, pretty obviously once again in Paris. After a lot of talking and arguing, 38 …show more content…

[Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations, 2017] There are three main parts that make up the ICAO, not unlike the United States government. They are the assembly, the council, and the secretariat led by the Secretary General. [Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations, 2017] The assembly is composed of members of the ICAO only, and meets every three years. All of the member states have one vote in the assembly, and deciding how a vote is concluded is done by a simple majority vote, except in circumstances enumerated by the Chicago Conventions. Sessions of the assembly have been held in many different cities and many different countries. They make policy changes, offers direction to the other ICAO branches, elects the members of the council, and determines the budget for the whole of the ICAO. The assembly can also amend the constitution of the ICAO when necessary, but only by reaching a two-thirds majority; this has been done multiple times as the ICAO has grown and international aviation and aviation technology has advanced throughout the years. In addition, “…the assembly possesses a rather unusual prerogative to induce wide ratification of an amendment it has adopted: if a member state does not ratify a particular amendment within a given period of time, the assembly has the right to revoke that country’s membership in the ICAO. However, this provision… has never been invoked.” [Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations, 2017] Unlike the assembly, the council is a

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