The Evolutionary Theory Of Children

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Agree Although, researchers demonstrated most babies turn out to be attached by the second half of their first year of life. It is amazing that the environment and bond can be different with each child. Some infants are calm and protected by their mother, and some seem uneasy and uncertain. I would concur with the author 's idea of ethological-evolutionary theory. The attachment is the strong emotional bond that develops between infant and mother, providing the infant with emotional security (Berk, 2014). The reciprocal action that infants sometime have is attachment behavior and exploratory behavior in the Strange Situation with caregivers. An attachment may be identified as a feeling that bonds a person or animal forms between self and other beasts. While, Ethology has to do with the familiarize yourself, survival, behavior and its evolutionary history. Agreeing with the ethologist assessment, which babies are physically motivated to participate actively to form a bond with their mother and improves the infant 's genes to live. In view of the fact that ethologists believe that infant’s behaviors base in relationships of real life skills. Researchers want to learn about the organism and environment structure, which consist of physical, social, and cultural views (Hinde, 1989). In addition, Ethology calls attention to the genetic and physical foundation of development, and learning is significant because it influences flexibility and adjust behavior. The Strange Situation
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