The Executive Skills Gap And Operational Needs Of American Business Promptly And Cost Effectively?

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The MBA Fairytale
Does the MBA address the executive skills gap and operational needs of American business promptly and cost-effectively?
Even though MBAs from the top schools earn more than business graduates with undergraduate degrees, mid-career managers are better off learning applied strategic skills than earning an MBA. The generic classes in most programs, unrelated to current economic conditions, do not close the executive skills gap or meet the operational needs of American business. Unless it 's from a top-tier program, the lifetime value of the MBA is highly inflated.
Mid-career managers are better off learning applied strategic skills than earning an MBA. They are an endangered species! The end has come, not because Capitalism is doomed, but because of two related phenomena: technology and the millennial generation.
Technology has altered our work habits, relationships, and roles within organizations. The classic role of the manager was to monitor performance, offer feedback, and generate reports. Technology now performs these tasks, leaving people with general management skills vulnerable. The development of Agile services, associated with self-managed teams and Gen Y, has further left middle managers isolated. Rapid turnover is commonplace since the recession. Deep operational knowledge, once associated with a lengthy tenure has evaporated.
Gen Y and the Millennials are resentful of anyone with no specific skills who acts only as a hall monitor. These

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