The Role of Technology in Management Leadership

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Over the last sixty years of business activity, there has been new ways and means of conducting business through something we call technology. Technology is the advancement and use of electronic devices and other high-tech equipment to produce and progress knowledge into the future. Advancements in technology have affected management leadership in many ways over the last sixty years. New technology has altered leaders' consciousness, language, and the way they view their organization. Technological advancements have made things easier for those in management leadership roles. But as with anything, there are positive and negative aspects of technology on leadership. Some of the positive aspects of technology are: the availability and…show more content…
Viruses show us how vulnerable we are. A properly engineered virus can have an amazing effect on the worldwide Internet. On the other hand, they show how sophisticated and interconnected human beings have become. In top performing organizations, each area is strong and constantly improving. For example, in our technological age, leaders need to ensure that they're constantly upgrading their technical expertise and technological tools. They can't afford to fall behind. In many cases, the laptop computer can be a huge help with email, time management, storing and easily retrieving information, keeping contact and project records, maintaining databases, developing slides for presentations and workshops, and accessing a multitude of information and research through the Internet. Without it, most leaders would be thirty to forty percent less productive and would need much more administrative help. If leaders' understanding of their organization's expectations is only partially accurate, expensive technology and reengineered processes will only deliver partial results. If leaders in our organizations cannot communicate face-to-face, electronic communications won't improve communications very much. If management leadership has not established the discipline of setting priorities for their time or organizing themselves, a laptop computer or other wireless mobile device will not do it for them. Systems
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