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Writing is a tool that we have all been using in one capacity or another since we were probably kids. I remember as a youngster when I could not express how I felt about a particular issue I was told to write it down so I can make more sense of my feelings. Those are my first experiences with writing and where my relationship started develop. As I've gotten older, I have learned to really Express my feelings rather good or bad in my writing. This is where I fell in love with it. The fact that it doesn't matter what the circumstance or the situation is, I can put it on paper and it automatically makes sense. There are so many things writing has taught me over the years and I am very excited about it because it gives me a pleasure that I …show more content…

One of my favorite books to read is the Bible. Now honestly speaking, it can be hard to understand sometimes. And there are some things there that don't sound nice, but I feel that rather good or bad it will help me in the long run. That is also how your writing should affect others. Rather it is a piece that is like or love, does it help those that are reading it.

Your audience is very important 2 you're reading. You should want to affect them in ways unimaginable. When scientists right, I do not feel that they want everyone that reads their material to agree with them. I feel what they are trying to do is spread knowledge and give you something that you may not know or heard before. This is the type of fact you should want your writings to have. You want them to come back because it benefits them in one way or another. Riding does not always have to be a bed of roses, but if it's something that can be taken from it that is always a great thing. There's also a sensitivity that you have to try to get rid of when it comes to writing. Everyone is not going to like it and you have to be able to deal with that criticism. Criticism can be constructive and if listen to and utilize correctly, it can only be better you and your writing. That can really push your relationship with it to another level.

Writing is something that will always be in my life. My relationship with writing have reached a level that

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