The Farewell Discourse of Jesus Essay

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This farewell discourse, is most disturbing to the followers of Jesus. Their inability to comprehend the Messiah’s going away, back to the Father going away of the Messiah, who according to the prophets will appear to rescue Israel from its oppressors. Ascertain, Jesus going back to His father, the Holy Spirit whose purpose is to appear, in His stead to led and guide them to all righteousness. These confused followers are stun, the first testament prophets speak of the coming Messiah, who will change the present oppressive state of Israel, Never the less, the prophets does not give details or mention the Messiah going away or returning to His father. However Jesus imparts peace on the disciples, commanding the eleven, to continue in …show more content…

The Johannine gospel is written in two sections, the public ministry of Jesus begin in chapter one and conclude in chapter 12. However, the private ministry to his followers begin in chapter 13 and conclude in chapter 17. Dualistic tension in John’s gospel, is both external, as well as, internal, nevertheless, Jesus’ concern is primarily focus on the internal conflict within his group of followers. The Johannine community’s Judaic religious system demonstrate a revolutionary and extreme hostile disposition against the Jesus followers. Corporate union between Christ and His disciples, after Christ return to the father is both a necessity and the focus of John 15:1-8, “The True Vine,” The Johannine gospel, written circ. 90-100 ce, contain more Christology than the three other synoptic. The historical Jesus does not question the disciples concerning His identity, who do you believe I am? Nevertheless, Jesus identify Himself as “I am the True Vine.” Through this mythological metaphor of I am the True Vine (vs.1) Jesus begins His allegorical discourse, utilizing vineyard or the vine, which is the economic strength of the Palestinian culture.
This,” I am” statement, is stronger or more than just metaphorical. The “I am” statement, which Jesus utilize as a description of himself, require close scrutiny. This utterance of Jesus have caused a great hostility among the Judaic religious leaders. First noted in Exodus

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