The Fate Of The Cat Essay

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An empty room, after all human element had been removed waits quietly, humoring only the dust particles as they float without a care, only to settle after there is no more commotion of humans to push them around. Resting at last: but what happens to a room after you leave, when no one else is there? Is the empty space there for the taking, to be possessed by anything or anyone, or is it there to be left alone? As if a twisted experiment planned by Schrodinger, but instead of the fate of the cat, the questions is: will the room come to life or will it remain unanimated, awaiting the return of the human component. November the 4th on any day of the year was marked by a surge of energy, those who would have seen it would have called it an oppressive feeling, a presence, unseen and unexplained descending upon an empty room. A long-forgotten God, in possession of powers which modern humans are no longer unacquainted with, dropping onto an empty room with a desire to play. Just like a spoiled child set free in a toy store the, Babati takes control of the unfamiliar objects. After all, it is in his power to pick up the chair which easily yields to the powers tossing it across the room. Computers, at the mercy of electricity to be resurrected after a user sentenced them to an undefined period of sleep once their services are no longer required. Nonetheless, they come to life, or rather life comes to them as the Babati penetrates the circuits, lighting up the motherboard while

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