The Feasibility Of Conjoining Christianity And Islam

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the feasibility of conjoining Christianity and Islam. There is a current effort in the religious community to join the two faiths together in a religion called Chrislam. This community desires to combine elements from both religions to create a new religion. This may be a difficult task to accomplish because of the nature of both religions. Let us take a look at Christianity first.

Christianity had its origins in the first century CE in Palestine. They were first called Christians in Antioch and were identified as such because they emulated the life and teachings of one known as Jesus Christ. This title was a bestowed upon them due to the fact that those outside of the faith considered them to …show more content…

The religion itself has numerous denominations and each denomination has its own interpretation of the Scriptures, whom the followers thereof deem as God inspired and holy. "Christianity is the only religion that is really global" (Bertil).

Christians are divided as to when the birth of the Church actually took place. Some state that the church started when Jesus said that he would build his church on the rock or foundation of his Messiahship. Others state that it was the day of Pentecost with the arising importance of the Holy Spirit as a focal point. Christianity began with the apostles in Jerusalem as a part of Judaism. What is known as the Bible had not been fully developed at that time, so they use the same book as the Jews. Since most of the early Christians were essentially Jewish converts, having the Tanakh made it easy for them to spread their religion. There was a certain difficulty in spreading it beyond Judaism. Jesus spoke Aramaic in the dominant cultural environment was the Greco Roman culture, therefore the Scripture had to be recorded in Greek. Even with this linguistic hindrance this religion exploded and grew very rapidly. It seemed to be much more than a set of laws or commandments, Christians experience something that no other religion offered. It was the solution to many of the world 's problems, and it brought people together making them a community. It was based on having a relationship with God, something

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