The Feeding An Eating Disorder

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The feeding an eating disorder chapter in “Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis”, was a helpful educational component for my overall knowledge and comprehension of how to properly diagnosis the three major eating and feeding disorders: Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, and Bulimia Nervosa. Reading the text was helpful to my understanding of the material, but the videos and articles projected more distinct content that I would not have been able to completely understand just by reading the course material. Therefore further exploring this material outside of just text was more beneficial for knowledge growth. Many implications of the issues raised in the videos and the articles made a huge impact on the way I looked at these disorders. In one film there was a girl who suffered from Bulimia whereas every time she would eat she would soon after purge. This video really saddens me because in the documentary they mentioned, “three percent of American teens suffers from Bulimia”. This touched me because of the social influences such as the media which made her actually believe that she does not look as beautiful as the women she was looking at in the magazine resulting in her purging. The perception of beauty within oneself begins in such an early age due to environmental and social factors. I believe that if the media keeps portraying the ideal “Barbie” look of beauty than that three percent statistic will continue to rise. Another controversial topic of binge eating is
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