The Ferocious Jaguar : The Ferocious Jaguars

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The Ferocious Jaguars
Roar, roar, roar, goes the jaguar as it stands tall! After all he is the biggest cat in the Americas and it is here to stay. This ferocious beast is a carnivore and likes to go for the big prey, it’s motto is probably go big or go home. There is a lot of cats that can’t be identified as well, but the jaguars features are one of a kind. The pregnancy and caring of cubs to jaguars is very interesting, as well as the reason these creatures are sadly killed in today’s society. I will talk about how Mayan people used to praised the jaguar as a God and where in this blue and green sphere you can locate them. One of the last things I will talk about is the reason they are lonely and the most famous jaguars that have roamed the United States. One thing that makes jaguars so unique is their hunting ability. They aren't afraid to get their prey in water. “Jaguars have the ability to swim and catch their prey.” according to the defenders of wildlife. They also hunt at dark, it’s one of their secret weapons! That is a pretty distinctive way to hunt. A jaguars feature is astonishing. “Their size from head to body is 6 feet. Not including the jaguars tail, which can be 27 to 36 inches long.” says the defenders of wildlife. That is very big standing up. Jaguars have these black spots called rosettes because they look like roses on their fur. The fur of a jaguar is usually tan or orange, although some jaguar's fur could be pure black with no rosettes. It is pretty

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