The Field Of Adult Development

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In this assignment, you will critically evaluate articles in the field of adult development. Each week, you will read two articles from the Annual Editions: Human Development textbook (see the weekly readings for the chosen articles). For each article, do the following: • Write a summary. It will need to be at least 200 – 250 word minimum on each article. • Describe the main points of the article and how it relates to the week 's course and text readings. • Evaluate the article on the basis of your own thoughts and perspectives on the topic covered. This week the course readings were about o Physical and cognitive development in adolescence o Socioemotional development in adolescence o Physical and cognitive development in early adulthood o Socioemotional development in early adulthood The first article Article 13 An Educator 's Journey toward Multiple Intelligences SCOTT SEIDER During my first year as a high school English teacher, I got into the habit each Friday afternoon of sitting in the bleachers and grading papers while the players on the freshman football team squared off against their counterparts from nearby towns. I had been assigned four classes of rambunctious freshmen, and several of my most squirrelly students were football players. I hoped that demonstrating my interest in their gridiron pursuits might make them a bit easier to manage in the classroom. My presence at their games unquestionably helped on the management front, but a second, unexpected

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