The Field Of Psychotherapy Has Undergone Sensational Change.

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The field of psychotherapy has undergone sensational change. Analysis &humanistic, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy & existential psychology, as well as mindfulness and other approaches, has been subject to discussion and debate, “it is purposed that confusion and anxiety could inccur the need to choose from such a broad array of services on offer, by any potential client” (Carbonell, 2017)
This essay provides a synopsis of two unique sorts of treatment namely
Existential therapy and Cognitive behavioural therapy, and their use in clients suffering fear and sadness. Both are one of a kind in their administration particularly the connection amongst therapist and client.
History has provided a wide range of psychotherapy, in …show more content…

CBT concentrates on the selection of perceptions together with interpretations the client makes and looks at to what extent these are helpful in their lives. Conversely, this approach utilises ‘graded exposure’ “which encourages the client to face feared situations until the anxiety they experience declines” (Salkovskis, M, P, 2010)

From different points of view, these two distinct approaches would indicate the direct opposite of each other. In any case, upon more thorough investigation they share a couple of similarities in their theory’s, even though their use is altogether different in both approaches.
To start with, both treatments appear to be centred around the present moment, the beginning stage in this manner is looking at the presented problem and investigating how the client is being affected by this. In both models of treatment, each move towards the explanations from the client’s perspective, although not in much depth or detail to begin with. However, the clients concerns and problems may be explored in a more greater depth over the process of therapy, It is along these lines, that these two approaches are very extraordinary to the conventional psychoanalytical approach, i.e. where one would concentrate on the origin of issues and as a rule to return to past experiences, to find resolve.
Furthermore, it would appear to some extent that that CBT and existential therapy

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