The Fight Against Drug Trafficking Essay

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There continues to be a struggle in the fight against drug trafficking from Mexico into the United States. Although measures have been put into place at the border, the profits made from the illicit drug trade in addition to the other illegal activities has made it difficult determining who has not been corrupted. Mexican presidents both past and present have taken to the military to try and eradicate the problem, but have been met with force. As a result of the cartel violence, the rising death toll has hit a staggering number. While the number itself is substantial, the manner used by these organizations to commit these acts of violence range from kidnappings, to decapitations and mass killings. Drug cartels have not stopped short of any means necessary to meet their goals and have even joined forces with once rival gangs to do so. This has led to further instability within the country. Programs in place are continuing to fund the joint efforts between the United States and Mexico in hopes of deterring the influence and destructive power of Mexican drug cartels. Mexico’s Drug Cartels With its weak judicial and police foundations as well as having close proximity to the world 's largest consumer economy, has made Mexico the hub of one of the world 's most sophisticated drug networks. (Lee, 2014) There are numerous drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) within Mexico that have continued to dominate the drug flow into the United States. Despite being in

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