The Film Analysis Of The Film Forrest Gump

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The film Forrest Gump was released on 1994 and directed by Robert Zemeckis. This film uses narratives form and stylistic techniques to achieve an affective connection between the viewers and the protagonist of the movie, Forrest Gump. This movie leaves a first-time spectator not prepared for what he is going to get from the beginning to end in this emotive film. Winner of six Academy Awards including best picture and best actor. It earned over $667 million dollars during its theatrical run. The plot of this drama with comical aspects focuses on the life events of a man with an intellectual disability performed by Tom Hanks. This film is based on the book under the same title written by Wiston Groom. It follows the life of a seemingly ordinary man, that despite his lack of intelligence, goes on to do extraordinary things. Forrest was a boy from a small town in Alabama and he grow up to live through historic events and cross paths with historic people. Forrest live through the Elvis era, The Vietnam war, desegregation, JFK’s assassination, the break into the Watergate hotel and some others. The innocent charm and approachable nature of Forrest keeps the audience hooked as they watch him pursue his childhood love, Jenny. Mostly of the story is narrated by Forrest Gum, our protagonist. He narrated the story of his life to variable strangers (a black housekeeper, a white mon and his young son, an old business man, and an old lady) in a bus stop bench while he is waiting for the

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